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Are you a homeowner in St George that needs some renovation to your flooring? Here at St George Flooring Contractors, we are the go to company for all things flooring in the southern part of Utah. Our company is esteemed by all of our clients, and we have been perfecting the art of flooring installation, and repair and maintenance over a number of years. The combined experience and work ethic of our installers makes us the clear choice for your flooring needs in St George and surrounding areas!

St George is an area in Utah that has had consistent growth over the last 5-10 years, and with that is going to have the need for upkeep on homes in the area. One aspect of the home that gets looked over frequently is the floors! Some floors are going to need some renovation, repairs, or just simply a removal and new installation. Specializing in hardwood, tile, carpet and vinyl we know the best materials and the best tips and tricks of the trade.In St George, we do work in the following types of housing:

• Houses

• Apartments

• Condominiums

• Housing complexes

• Commercial and Industrial

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About us

  • Safety

  • Efficiency 

  • Trust

  • As a company our top three priorities are safety, efficiency and trust. When we come to a job site every move we make is in the best interest of safety. Flooring may not seem like very dangerous or risky work, but make no mistake we do everything in our power to make sure that the whole flooring process is safe at every point. 

    Not only is the process of our project safe, but our finished product is safe for the users after. We strive for quality in our finished flooring install and we are up to code on all the latest regulations.

    Every flooring project we do in St George Utah, we complete in an efficient manner. Because of our years of experience, we have continually improved in our installation and repair skills to the point where we know flooring work like the back of our hands. The years of experience combined with our dedication to thorough work leads us to the most efficient flooring contractors in St George. Call the most efficient flooring company in the area today for a free instant quote!

    When doing business with a company that is going to change the entire look of the floors of your home, go with the most trusted in the area! Trust is an important business aspect for us, it’s important for us to earn the trust of all our customers when providing our services. We strive to have the highest degree of safety and efficiency with our services that will ultimately lead to earning your trust with our flooring installation services. 

    Flooring types

  • Hardwood

  • Tile

  • Carpet

  • Vinyl

  • When we install our vinyl flooring, there’s a process to avoid mistakes we like to follow here at STG Flooring. First off we need a good base surface to work on. If there is existing carpet that needs to go, we tear that out along with the carpet padding. Carpet padding has tack strips on the edges all around the room that hold it down, and they need to be removed fairly easily with a crowbar. In the middle of the room it’s held down by staples which all need to be individually removed as well.

    The first mistake we need to avoid is subfloor fasteners sticking up. Any bumps or anything sticking up will transfer through to the vinyl flooring. Running a flat edge along the whole surface will help snuff out the subfloor fasteners that are sticking out. These can be removed with a hammer or hit in further with a hammer so long as the surface is flat.

    The next mistake to avoid is more opinion, but leaving the baseboards in can make the whole job entirely easier and can make the finished product look a lot nicer.

    We want to definitely avoid uneven floors, so next we are going to go through with a level and check to see if the floor is level all the way around. The places that need leveling out can have some thin set (that is typically used for tiling so not ideal) or floor patch.

    When dealing with door jams and trim, we will want to undercut those. Not undercutting door jams and trims will lead to large gaps between the flooring and the trim, which will have to be sealed with caulking. Overall that will not look good and is a big mistake for the finished product.

    Ending the rows with small boards is another mistake we want to avoid when installing the vinyl. The general rule of thumb is we don’t want any pieces ending the row that are less than six inches long. If this is going to be the case, then shortening the first plank is the solution to that. Every wall length is and plank length is different so each case will be different. 

    The beauty with vinyl flooring is that it can be cut without fancy tools. Now this would be a bonus if the vinyl flooring install was a do-it-yourself project, but since we are a flooring contractor in St George, we have all the necessary tools for a beautiful cut.

    Another mistake to avoid is to not planning for bump outs. Bump outs are when a corner of the wall sticks out and it can mess up the size and pattern of the vinyl plank install. When installing a piece at a corner that is bumped out, there should be a full piece that goes between the corner and the wall. This helps with sturdiness and structure.

    The next thing to avoid is going to be laying similar planks together. There needs to be staggering that will create a similar pattern, and this will help avoid a potential eye sore later down the road. 

    Putting holes on the end of the plank is something to avoid in the process too. This comes into play with vents mainly, but any other holes need to be avoided on the edges of the plank. Trying to have the vent hole in the middle of the plank, it will generally look a lot better.

    The last thing to avoid is not following manufacturing recommendations. All materials are going to have different instructions and materials. Some vinyl is going to have underlayment built onto it, and some are not. Finding out if underlayment is needed is going to be in the manufacturer's instructions.

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